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EGBE Festival 2020
    • What is the official event name?
      1. Spiritual Essences presents the 3nd Annual Egbe Festival
      2. Egbe Festival
    • Date? Event times? Feb 1st 2020/ 1:00pm-12:00 midnight
      1. Feb 3rd 1:00pm-4:00pm Egbe Festival Brunch
    • What is included in the price of admission? Admission and Performances
    • Is there going to be Food & Drinks for purchase at the event?
      1. How much- There will be food and drinks from Vendors selling all types of food, African, American, Jamaica, Bahamian, Trinidadian Food. Prices range from $2.00-$20.00
    • What time can I get in to the event? 1:00pm
    • Where is the Main Event & How do I get there? Historic Virginia Key Beach Park: 4020 Virginia Beach Dr. Miami, Fl. 33149
    • When & Where is the Pre-Party Event & How do I get there? TBD
    • What is the Attire for the Event? Casual fun/ Ankara
    • Is there Preferred Seating at the Main Event?- Open Seating
      1. Can I upgrade my ticket/package? Yes
      2. Can bring beach chairs
    • Can admission be purchased into the VIP area? Yes
    • What is included with in the VIP area?
      1. Admission
      2. Complimentary drinks
      3. VIP Seating
    • At what age do children need a ticket for the event? VIP area? 11 and over
    • What are the children prices? Children under 10 are free
    • How much is Parking? TBD
    • Where is Parking located? Onsite
    • Are there shuttles to transport back and forth from the venue and parking lot? N/A
    • Where is Handicapped Parking located? Onsite
    • Do I need to bring my own seating or can I purchase or rent seating there at the event? Bring your own seating
      1. Can Bring chairs
      2. Beach chairs
    • Can we bring in outside food, drinks, and/or coolers, backpacks? No Outside food, no coolers, nothing in a liquid form, backpacks are allowed (small backpacks)
    • What size can my cooler and/or backpack be? No Coolers/ Small backpack size of a diaper bag
    • Can we bring an umbrella? Yes
    • Do you have any special provisions for the handicapped? N/A
    • Where is your handicapped seating located? N/A
    • What is your Rain Policy? Event will happen rain or shine
    • Where is Lost & Found located? Stage area
    • Where is Customer Service located? Ticketing area
    • What if I lose my tickets? N/A
    • Can I bring Pets? No Pets
    • Do we recycle at the event? N/A
    • Is there a Fireworks show? Time?  N/A
    • What Foundation is the event benefiting? Spiritual Essences/ Non profit community foundation for the betterment of our youth, culture and society on a whole
    • Do you have Senior Citizens, Student, or Military prices? N/A
    • Do you have promotional discounts? N/A
    What are your preferred hotels?
     Homewood Suites by Hilton Miami Airport- Blue Lagoon
    5500 Blue Lagoon Dr.
    Miami, FL. 33126
    • Is re-entry allowed to the event? No reentry

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