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June 16th to July 12th
SUNDAY brilliantly dramatizes the painting of the masterpiece “A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte.” The impressionist painter George Seurat meets a host of colorful characters in 1884 Paris, and he creates a stir in the park while enshrining them for all time as figures in his artwork. In 1984 America, Seurat’s great-grandson creates a controversial sculpture in homage to the centennial of the painting, which brings him face to face with the vital inspiration shared by both artists, one hundred years apart.

SUNDAY will inspire you to examine how and why art transcends time, yet how our perception of art is influenced by our own time, whether in 1884 or 1984, or today. It is full of some of Broadway’s most exquisite musical moments, culminating in the glorious duet “Move On.” SUNDAY illuminates for you the most fulfilling pleasures of modern Broadway, while moving you through the rapture of the creative process as you’ve never seen nor heard before!
Sunday in the Park


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