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Female Development World Organization (FDWO) Formerly, Jamaica International Female Football Development Inc. (JIFFD)
Protect The Children Initiatives
Nuh Guh Deh Diaspora Taskforce
About the FDWO:
Female Development World Organization’s mission is to positively impact the Education, Health, and Social Development of girls and young women across the African Diaspora by aggressively engaging communities, their leaders, organizations, and government representatives to foster increased and consistent awareness of the systemic problems impeding such development across the diaspora and most specifically, in socio-economically challenged communities. Headquartered in Pompano, FL, The Female Development World Organization divides its programming into 3 categories Education, Health, and Social Development, providing access and pathways to higher education, organized sports and competitions, college-educated mentorship, and the exploration of the arts, politics, and STEM projects to facilitate the holistic development of young women across the Diaspora.
The overall concept of holistic development of young females in underserved female populations, through educational, social developmental, health & wellness, and athletic support and programs, has remained steadfast, the organization’s involvement with a number of initiatives has led to its focus on young female sexual abuse. This ongoing focus transition was furthered as a result of partnering with an organization in Jamaica called Eve for Life, which, since 2009, has been providing a wide range of support services to women with HIV, many of whom are young females who contracted the disease as a result of sexual abuse.
In 2014 Jamaica’s Office of the Children's Registry stated that more than 8,000 cases of child abuse were reported between January and August that year.  Jamaican representatives of the United Nations Population Fund also reported that 10-year-old children, many of them victims of incest and rape, are among the 1.7 per cent (32,000) of the Jamaican population that tested positive for Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). Eve for Life is the only non-governmental organization in Jamaica that serves this population.
In 2015 Female Development World Organization partnered with Eve for Life and has adopted the Nuh Guh Deh (In Translation: “Don’t go there”) Campaign. As an effort to raise awareness and funds to support Initiatives. In 2016 FDWO hosted two events focused on child sexual abuse prevention and support; the “Protect The Children” symposium, and the “Protect The Children” fundraising gala. The “Protect The Children” gala was intended to immediately highlight the complications of child sexual abuse, address the value of educating our young boys and recognize the significance of social development and the role it plays in youth development.
To strengthen its reach in the South Florida grassroots communities our organization collaborates with groups with similar mission. Advocates such as Lauren’s Kids provides Female Development World Organization educational materials to help raise awareness for the protection of our children.
Below is a timeline of local and international activities and community outreach events FDWO has participated in since adopting the Nuh Guh Deh Campaign. Through these outreach events we’ve introduced the Nuh Guh Deh campaign to the African American and Caucasian Communities. The Campaign has been well received by everyone. We continue to raise awareness and seek funding opportunities to assist in accomplishing our goals.   
FDWO Activities Time Line 2015 – 2016
March 2015
  • Met with Jamaica Consul General to Miami the Honorable Franz Hall and City of  Miramar Mayor, Wayne Messam; endorsement received from both for the Nuh Guh Deh Campaign
April 2015
  • Set up Gofundme account to raise funds for NGD Campaign - $1615 of $150K raised to date.
  • Set up social media outlets for promotion of campaign.
May 2015
  • Officially formed the Nuh Guh Deh Diaspora Taskforce.
  • Speak at the Holy Family Episcopal church in Miami Gardens where a Call-to-Action was held to raise awareness to stop child sexual abuse.
  • Participated in community outreach event with over 300 students and teachers in honor of National Teen Pregnancy Awareness Month, City of Ft. Lauderdale, Delevoe Park.
  • Launched www.nuhguhdeh.org Website
June 2015
  • Entered into official partnership with Eve for Life.
  • In Jamaica provided mentorship session at Eve for Life ROAR Group Meeting.
  • Made first GoFundme donation presentation to Eve for Life
July 2015
  • Mentorship: Made presentation at Ms. Jamaica Beauty Pageant with Eve for Live
October 2015
  • Joined Broward Aware committee through the Children Services Council of Broward County and the Nancy J Cotterman Center.
December 2015
  • 5K Walk – Coalition of Jamaica Alumni Association, participated in 5K Walk to promote the Nuh Guh Deh Campaign within the Diaspora Community.
January 2016
  • Community Outreach Mount Bethel Broward Aware Event – Raising awareness for the prevention of child sexual abuse.
February 2016
  • Hosted inaugural Broward County first ever Protect The Children Symposium
March 2016
  • Community Outreach: Mayor Wayne Messam’s 5K Walf/Run, City of Miramar – Raising awareness for the prevention of child sexual abuse.
April 2016
  • Meet and Greet with Broward County Administrator Bertha Henry, Jamaica Minister of Education Youth and Information Honorable Senator Ruel Reid and Joy Crawford
  • Meet and Greet at Miramar City Hall, with Mayor Wayne Messam,  where Senator Reid received the Key to the City, the delegation then toured Broward County Schools.
  • The Nuh Guh Deh Campaign and “Protect The Children” Initiative was widely promoted during the Broward Aware three month within the City of Fort Lauderdale.
  • Hosted successful Inaugural “Protect The Children” Gala at the Carolina Golf Club, City of Margate.
2016 Protect The Children Symposium: To generate awareness leading up to the “Protect The Children” gala, the Diaspora Taskforce Members hosted a free Nuh Guh Deh Symposium during Black History Month.  Participants learned the facts about child abuse and current trends, heard from victims, and participated in visioning activities that formulated into a strategic plan for prevention and subsequent eradication of this world wide epidemic.

The event was supported by the Office of Wayne Messam, Mayor of Miramar, Panelists from South Florida and Jamaica included: Chief Dexter Williams, Miramar Police Department. Colleen Wint, International Author “Celebrating Me;” Michelle Hague, Children’s Services Council of Broward County; Alicia Gomez, Nancy J Cotterman Center of Broward County; Jessie Adamson, Hunker Down INNitiative;  Sherna Spencer, Board Certified Immigration Lawyer; Anthony Henderson, Speaker Extraordinaire Bridgette Schneiderman MSW Victim Advocate, Miramar Police Department/President of Broward Victims Rights Coalition. The event was held February 27, 2016 at the Church of God New Life Worship Center, in Miramar, FL.

2016 Protect The Children Gala: Protect The Children Initiative is in aid of Child Sexual Abuse Prevention. The Inaugural gala was held April 23, 2016, 6:00-10:00pm at the Carolina Golf Club with Keynote Speaker, Jamaica’s Minister of Education, Youth and Information, Senator the Honorable Ruel Reid. Our co-host Danielle Knox, WSVN 7-TV Anchor and John Beckford, Chief of Staff to Commissioner Holness ensured the message was portrayed through the evening. Entertainment was provided by R&B singer Betty Right and Tuff Gong International.
Nuh Guh Deh Diaspora Taskforce
Saturday April 29th, 2017, Female Development World Organization Inc. in association with Kiwanis Club of Lauderhill International hosted its 2nd annual Protect The Children Gala at the Hyatt Regency Pier 66, Ft. Lauderdale.  The event is a major fundraiser to support organizations in South Florida and the Caribbean working with the survivors of child sexual abuse.
Keynote Speake and recipient of the Rita Marley Ambassador Award: Minster of Parliament and wife of Jamaica’s Prime Minister The Most Honorable Juliet Holness. This was her first visit to this region in an official capacity, since the change of government in Jamaica in 2016.  We also acknowledged and awarded some outstanding individuals from the community.
Guest enjoyed the formal black-tie affair which included a cocktail reception and silent auction where attendees got the opportunities to network with international leaders in business, arts, politics, community and culture. Throughout the evening they learned more about the epidemic and ways in which they could become involved to protect our children, while at the same time supporting the important work Female Development World Organization provides within our community.
Economic Development: Business Economic Networking Forum
Friday April 29th The Protect the Children Gala Committee in association with Commissioner Dale Holness and Pollard LLC hosted a meet, greet and networking forum at the Tower Club in Fort Lauderdale, guests inluded governmental and civic leaders featuring the Most Honorable Juliet Holness, Member of Parliament of Jamaica and Spouse of the Prime Minister of Jamaica. Jamaica is a lucrative place to invest, key South Florida businesses was invited to explore the island’s economic opportunities with elected officials and business leaders from its Diaspora. 
Nuh Guh Deh Diaspora Taskforce
In recognition of Caribbean American Heritage Month, FDWO held its 2nd Annual i Protect The Children Symposium, Saturday June 3rd 2017 at the Church of God New Life Worship Center, in Miramar, FL. Confirmed Panelist includes: Leonard Burgess, Miramar Assistant Chief of Police; Victor Williams, Special Agent ICE/HSI/SAC, Human Trafficking Group; Michelle Hague, Children’s Services Council of Broward County; Alicia Gomez, Nancy J Cotterman Center of Broward County;  Julie Mansfield – GiveMeDignity.org;  Judge Shirlyon McWhorter – Chief Inspirational Officer; Alicia Gomez, Nancy J Cotterman Center; Sandra Gipson, National Council of Negro Women and Bridget Schneiderman, Victim Advocate, City of Miramar. Moderator: Father Horace Ward.

Kingston Jamaica, On Thursday, July 27th, the Jamaica Diaspora Youth and Female Empowerment Task Force (JDYAFET) formerly the Nuh Guh Deh Diaspora Task Force presented the Protect the Children Symposium: Breaking the Chains; a discussion and strategy setting Symposium for the prevention of child sexual abuse in Jamaica and its Diaspora.  The symposium is part of the Jamaica Diaspora 55 Conference Day of Service, and scheduled from 11AM through 2PM at Mico University College, 1 A Marescaux Rd., Kingston Jamaica.  The Symposium is one of many steps in organizing and galvanizing Diaspora communities towards a greater understanding of child sexual abuse and to begin an open dialogue around an issue that is often repeated across generations.

The Nuh Guh Deh Campaign, launched by Eve for Life in Jamaica in 2014, to prevent child sexual abuse and its consequences of teen pregnancy and HIV/AIDS was quickly adopted by the members of the Jamaica Diaspora and has emerged into the Protect the Children initiative with ongoing activities in Florida, led by the Female Development World Organization (FDWO), formerly JIFFD.

Panelists from Jamaica and the US include:  Novia Condel-Gibson, Adolescent Specialist UNICEF;  Monique McDonald, Sexual Abuse Survivor and Mentor;  Tashani Harris Morgan, Educator; Greig Smith, Children Registar; Rosalie Gage Grey, CEO Child Development Agency;  Akelia Lawrence-Maitland, Diaspora Advisory Board Member NE USA.  The esteemed panel will be moderated by Emprezz Golding, Television Personality and Youth Advocate.
The initiative is strongly supported by elected officials and civic leaders across the Diaspora; with high levels of support from The Hon. Senator Ruel Reid, CD, Minister of Education, Youth and Information.


FDWO-Control of Human Trafficking Bill HB159/SB596: Female Development World Organization (FDWO), worked with Florida House Representative Barrington Russell (D-Lauderhill) to craft and garner support for a deeply needed anti-trafficking bill for Florida. This bill seeks to create programs that educate the public on the problem of human trafficking in addition to how to spot a trafficked person, and how to report and help persons they believe are enslaved, being trafficked, or otherwise being held against their will. The bill is prime co-sponsored by Robert Asencio (D-Miami) and co-sponsored by John Cortes (D-Kissimmee). The companion bill SB 596 is sponsored by State Senator Perry Thurston (D-Fort Lauderdale)
FDWO Press Conference, Tallahassee Florida

January 22, 2018 The Female Development World Organization (FDWO) stood with elected officials, civil rights leaders, attorneys, and community members representing the National Council of Negro Women Inc. - Metropolitan Dade County Section (NCNW), the Kiwanis Club of Lauderhill, Florida National Organization for Women (NOW), Democratic Women’s Club of Florida and local business owners to garner support for HB159 and SB596. The two bills in the Florida House of Representatives and Senate are twin bills focused on the prevention of human trafficking via the identification of trafficked persons and traffickers. These bills will create community programs, signage, and educate Floridians on the signs of a human trafficker or someone being trafficked, in addition to a new and more effective reporting system. Under this legislation, reports made to the hotline would immediately go to law enforcement agencies for investigation.

At the podium members of the Florida Legislature, Representatives Barrington Russell (D-Lauderhil) and Robert Asencio (D-Miami), and Senator Perry Thurston (D-Ft. Lauderdale), spoke to the press about this growing problem and its impact here in Florida, endorsing and supporting the bills and the FDWO.  Representative Russell who filed the bill in the House relayed the alarming statistic that “Florida ranks third in number of Human Trafficking incidents.” He continued stating “The International Labor Organization estimates that forced labor and human trafficking is a $150 billion industry worldwide.” Shocked reporters and media representatives realized that Florida indeed has a local human trafficking problem.

Senator Victor Torres (D-Kissimmee), Former US Attorney Pamela Marsh, Civil-Rights Attorney Benjamin Crump, and former Florida State Senator Maria Sachs (D-West Palm Beach) also attended the conference showing their support for the bill, “Ladies and Gentlemen, I want you to understand that of all the crimes in the world, human trafficking is the number one cash business. More than drugs, more than weapons. The trafficking in human lives,” said Sachs from the podium.  

February 22, 2018: Dade County Town Hall – Control of Human Trafficking

March 22, 2018 Broward County Town Hall – Control of Human Trafficking


FDWO continues to seek partnership with other non-profit and for-profit organizations to expand and raise awareness to end child sexual abuse in the domestic and international underserved Caribbean-American communities, via US-based operations and programs. A partnership with such organizations will enhance our ability to more effectively reach desperately needing areas within our local and international communities, by way of tangible and funding support. FDWO focus areas include:
  • Community Outreach and Awareness: By way of persistent grassroots community outreach activities, and the planned Quarterly “Protect Them” Townhall/Symposium event both in the USA and Jamaica;
  • Counseling: There’s a severe lack of counseling support in the African-American and Caribbean-American community for survivors of child sexual abuse. FDWO seeks to establish at least one physical location to provide counseling/group sessions, and referral services;
  • Care Triage: The USA is the number one country to which most Jamaicans migrate, with South Florida being the hub as the closest destination. When these individuals and families move here, they are often lost in the system, with little or no support and resource for related services. The Care Triage service would provide many of these and other young ladies in the community, with connection to the appropriate services.
  • Annual “Protect The Children” Fundraising Gala
According to a survey by the United States Census Bureau, black immigrants from Jamaica are the largest group of foreign-born blacks in the U.S. It is estimated that Jamaicans number as many as 682,000 people, or 18 percent of the foreign-born blacks comprising the black population in the country. Haitians represent the second-largest group with 15 percent of the U.S. black population, or 586,000 individuals. These calculations do not account for second-generation Caribbean-Americans born in the U.S., however, which would raise the number significantly. For Jamaica, the number could be as high as two million people that would include some 400,000 in South and Central Florida and one million combined for New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Black immigrants represent 8.7 percent of the black population in the U.S., a number nearly triple that in 1980. The trend of black immigration to the U.S. is expected to continue in the future, with South Florida showing the most prominent example: about 34 percent of blacks living in the metro Miami area being immigrants. (Jamaicans.com)
Lavern Deer B.S., MBA,
Founder FDWO
Founder & Chair, Nuh Guh Deh Diaspora Taskforce
2017 Post Event Gala: Newsletter

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